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 OHIO CCW Instruction & Certification in Cleveland-Concealed  Multi State in Cleveland & Gun Safety Gun CONTROL Alert in Cleveland & Surrounding

 FAMILY Friendly ABC Defensive LLC in Cleveland & Many Counties  


About US & YOU

*MEN & WOMEN are No Longer Defenseless


Peace of MIND .... PRICELESS

99% of people we ACTUALLY Talked to  who HAD a CCW 

Could NOT tell us Where to hit an Attacker to Instantly STOP and Incapacitate Them 


Soon there will be STRICTER Regulation for CCW

Keep someone from Disarming you and using Your OWN Gun against you  & It's Not about Using Strength

ANYONE can be Taught !

Why would you take a GUN Class or GUN Safety Course that doesn't make YOU Really Safe ?

The REAL Secret isn't the size of the GUN or Your Physical Strength !

NRA OFFICIALLY Now does All Classroom Training ON LINE in comfort of YOUR Home at YOUR Pace - Anyone that tells you different isn't an NRA Certified Instructor !

We TEACH you ALL- from Our  OWN Experience without a Rigorous or Physically challenging Class-IDEAL * LIFE INSURANCE Policy 

We're the "Nice Guys" We GUARANTEE You'll KNOW how to AVOID & Survive


YOU are NEVER TOUCHED without Your Permission * LEARN without the Noise and FEAR of Crowded Indoor Ranges- We're OUT in the fresh AIR

WHERE Most shootings Take place

**People are No Longer in DENIAL and it's Cool and FASHIONABLE to Have a CCW and YOUR OWN Pistol !

EVEN if you Never Intend to CARRY Concealed  We'll TRAIN YOU

** WE are TRUE EXPERTS and You'll be Surprised and Pleased with the FAST Progress You'll Make....EVEN if You've NEVER Fired a Gun or were "Afraid" of them..

MEN - Don't be TOO PROUD to Admit you may need FURTHER TRAINING 

THINK about This ... The person in line behind you-Driving NEXT to You -PARKED in the Shopping Ctr or ANY

 Parking LOT

MAY be Armed with a Gun .... in 2018

EVERY Member of your Home should know HOW to Protect Themselves & YOU KNOW That in your Heart !

You don't HAVE to be an NRA Member to Train or Certify with Us... IF you decide to take advantage of the NEW NRA including LOW COST Insurance Options to Protect  Yourself 

Just HIT the PINK Button at the TOP of THIS Page and it will take you Directly to the NRA -Reduced- Prices .

*STEP -1 email Us at

We'll respond with all the Necessary Links to get You Started and take you all the way through the Process of Obtaining YOUR CCW-CHL with Us !

* You'll Be COMFORTABLE & Confident


ARE YOU "REALLY" Trained ?

WE can Improve your Shooting at least 50% in ONLY 2 hrs... GUARANTEED 

WE are CERTIFIED  with NEW 2018 Laws and NRA STANDARDS

& have Survived NUMEROUS Shooting Incidents & Attacks - Can YOUR INSTRUCTOR make that Claim ?





* You do NOT have to be an NRA Member for us to Certify You *** Or to take the On-Line  Basic Pistol Class Offered by the NRA

ABC Defensive LLC in Cleveland and Surrounding 

Receive ALL INFO and Get YOUR CCW-CHL e mail

OHIO CCW  and ALL States that RECOGNIZE Ohio in 2018***

We make it FUN * 

Friendly & EXCITING !!! 

 We're Listed #1 in Ohio AND have the Confidence of National Organizations INCLUDING  Referrals from 

The NRA - Buckeye Firearms Association and VALLEY VIEW RANGE

Gun Courses & CERTIFICATION near me in Cleveland and Surrounding Areas.

* OUR Owner is a 20 yr. FBI Pistol Course- Police Pistol EXPERT and NRA Certified Instructor


You Now have a CCW - But are You REALLY TRAINED ?

State LAW Requires

 Only* 6 hrs. of Classroom Instruction + a Minimum 2 hr Shooting & RANGE Qualification) WE EXCEED THAT + Counsel you on Legal Aspects and make you COMFORTABLY CONFIDENT***


Please READ *OUR* QUALIFICATIONS and Compare to *ANY Other  CCW Training Facilities.

We're Legally Experienced in COURTROOM  and Tactically Trained (SWAT Entry Team)

WE participated in Tactically Training the Following: 

A.T.F. SWAT + Canada's Gang Investigative Unit Scotland Yard Ontario  Canada )  Also URBAN-BIG CITY-WIDE POLICE  GANG Tactical Unit     

*LEAD Entry Team and City Wide RIOT-RESCUE for both Dignitaries AND Trapped POLICE Officers and Educated MANY Police Departments in GANG Activity thru SEMINARS and Experience.

 ** WE were GANG UNIT EXPERTS in Under-Cover Surveillance -Detective Ops- and PROSECUTION While serving with the POLICE GANG UNIT Involved in Case Initiation*

 Entry Team* Arrest Warrants for Gang Crimes including Assaults-Sexual Assaults - MURDER and Drug Activity


*YOU  will have the ADVANTAGE of being Mentally and Confidently PREPARED by a former MAJOR CITY  Police Detective that has Testified and been INVOLVED in OVER 500 Cases and Trials  ... as both a Witness and Defendant in Criminal-Civil-and Shooting Cases

*Step 1 e mail & get all the Links to take you to the  NRA On-Line Classroom * Take it at HOME ( Your Pace  as opposed to a 7hr Classroom )*   

Step-2  WE Qualify You on The RANGE IN ONLY 2 hrs * After the On-Line NRA Class and in MOST Cases FASTER if WE Trained You !


TAKE the NRA On-Line CLASS in Comfort of YOUR Home and at YOUR Pace & As SOON as You Pass -You receive a Certificate for your On Line CLASS-Room from the NRA and THEN **WE Certify You at the RANGE ...

LET's DO This Together !

OPENINGS  for  BEGINNERS to CCW Range Certification   Beginning JANUARY 2018 Range Qualification 7 Days per week ! e mail Us for YOUR Needs  WE conduct Beginners ONE on ONE Training 7 Days per Week...

* RESERVE YOUR Range Time NOW !   

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Classes Fill up FAST !

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