CCW-CHL Course & Qualify


You will KNOW how to Instantly STOP an Attacker**What to Expect and BRING.. Your Best ATTITUDE

NRA is the "Gold Standard" and MOST Respected Organization KNOWN for it's High Standards*& WE are PROUD to Maintain That * We NEVER Mix True Beginners with More Experienced Shooters

You DO NOT HAVE TO be an NRA Member to be Certified By Us or TRAIN with Us ... and You'll be PROUDER of Yourself for having Completed The BEST !

IF you DO Decide you WANT to JOIN the NRA Just Go To OUR HOME Page by Hitting the NRA Logo and Save $10.00  On OUR Home PAGE ** Hit the Pink Button 

ATTITUDE  : is the Ability to "Learn" - Participate in Classroom and SHOW What you KNOW... There are NO Wrong Answers to Questions... YOUR Participation is Necessary as what You May NOT  have Fully Understood WE can Go over TOGETHER ! 

Please BRING :YOUR NRA Issued Basic Pistol Handbook   that YOU Got as part of the On-Line Training- They send it to You AFTER Completion of the  6 hr. REQUIRED Class 

WE Will be doing LOADING & UNLOADING  DEMONSTRATIONS as part of Your Qualification ** BY the NEW 2017 NRA Guidelines and Following SAFETY RULES  as Instructed in the Book - You WILL Need it   for Self-Reference and YOUR Printed Certificate of Completion..IF you haven't already mailed it to us at

Because YOU Took the Initiative to Take the ON-LINE Classroom Course...We'll Re-enforce YOUR Knowledge with Several "Demonstration" Exercises that WE Perform and then YOU show us HOW YOU will be able to S-A-F-E-L-Y OWN & operate YOUR OWN Handgun..  To BE The BEST You can Be.

**THIS is an NRA REQUIRED DEMONSTRATION exercise and WE can help you Understand and Correct anything You may have Questions about BEFORE We All SHOOT for Qualification. NO Pressure ..... Just be Involved*** 

WE will spend a Total of 3-4 hrs TOGETHER on Qualification Day-Depending on Class Size. EXCEEDING the State Required 2-hrRange Time  To give YOU More EXPERIENCE -Shooting FUN -and Confidence. This COURSE conducted  by NRA Standards... They'll be Some Breaks as well... We Encourage YOU to watch as the Other Students Participate in Pre-Qualification Exercises to make it EASIER for ALL of Us !

REMEMBER: Everything WE Do... can & WILL enable you to Protect YOURSELF and SAVE YOUR LIFE !

Be WELL Rested.... THIS is Easier than you Anticipate

NO Worry...No Hurry. This is REALLY The FUN Part !


RANGE Time & Qualification For CCW-CHL

Please BRING with YOU: "Confidence"& YOUR Positive Attitude

* The GUN You will use to Qualify with* 100 Rds ( 2 Boxes ) of Factory Ammunition YOU will do Final Qualification with 20 Rds. Most people feel Comfortable with the 2 you'll have some Left Over.

* GUN & Magazines UNLOADED -INSIDE a Case or Gun Box / NO HOLSTERS Will Be USED and NO Exceptions ALLOWED- Thank You

* Safety Glasses and Ear Protection

** GUN / Glasses/Ear Protection Rental from us at 20.00 Fee.

* DRESS for the Weather - We Shoot OUTSIDE because Bad Guys don't always attack on Bright Sunny Days 

* Any OUTSTANDING Fees in Cash ( Correct Change Please ) You'll get a Receipt

* Snacks and Drinks for BREAK-TIME 

QUALIFICATION for YOUR Certification

You'll shoot from distances of 10' - 15' * NO Pressure You'll shoot about 50 Rds BEFORE Final Qualification. ( EASY- if you applied yourself ) & we'll guide you through it all.'


DO-NOT-WORRY We're there to Help You !

 You'll QUALIFY shooting 5 Rds in each of the Four 4" Circles on the NRA Target at Only 10' and it is OUR Discretion  NOT to exceed 3 ATTEMPTS to Qualify.

 * IF you have a Problem **After that You may choose to Re-Apply at a Discounted rate / We will Urge you to Sign up for our Beginner Training session *    e mail us at

2hr session 35.00 +  RANGE Time Included and Qualify for YOUR Certification  on THAT date. * 1 on 1 Private Session. 

( We prefer within 10 Days after your 1st Attempts ) * 

NO Payment plan for this RE-Qualification Course *

WHY  You  Qualify at Only 10 ' 

*MOST SHOOTINGS OCCUR from a "PERSONAL" Distance of 3-9 Feet 

THIS INCLUDES Indoors and Outdoors * The Avg.Medium-Large Room size is 15' INSIDE a Home .. 

**PLUS You have MUCH-More "Explaining" to do within LONGER Distances

 ( We'll cover all of that as well )

* We DO NOT Own the Range and  You will be charged a Small 10.00  Additional fee for the Range Time- We Pick up the Rest of all Costs such as Insurance- YOUR Addt'l Range Fees - Instructional Materials etc. UNLESS You are within *YOUR OWN  Recruited Group of 5 or More Persons and Arrangements are made for REDUCED GROUP Specials.

**** Make CERTAIN You are Healthy enough to endure 3-4 Hrs.Under the Live Fire RANGE Conditions. 

Don't worry...There's PLENTY of Rest time between each exercise . This IS a BASIC Course  and NOT Stressful to MOST People..It is YOUR Responsibility to Assure US You are Physically Capable.

QUALIFICATION & Range Rules are Re-Explained prior to Entering Shooting Range. * WE are Certified NRA RANGE Safety Officers. THERE WILL BE NO NEED for Our 1st Aid Expertise* NO ACCIDENTS

* WHEN You Qualify You'll be Presented Immediately with a Certification Card... Then WE Enter You into the NRA Data Base and The NRA will enable US  to PRINT OUT your Very OWN Official NRA Certificate !

 BUT Make certain we have YOUR Correct e mail Please and e mail US at

After That You APPLY with the Local COUNTY Sheriff or the Adjoining County... REMEMBER The Certification WE Give you is GOOD in 39 States in the Entire Country **

* WE are Certified NRA Range Safety Officers and equipped with First Aid Supplies... BUT 

There WILL BE NO Accidents !

We Make EVERY Professional Effort to ensure YOUR Safety and with YOUR Cooperation It's a Day of TOTAL Fun and a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT- ( YOUR-Day) so Enjoy it !

For Everyone's Safety: 

NO Cell-Phones or CAMERAS are allowed on the Firing Area at ANY Time* and NO Distractions as a result of Playful Conduct as well.

We Reserve the right to "Secure" Your Phone or Camera * Make it easy and Please follow these Safety Rules..

You may take all Your Important Texting time on BREAKS Only. The *Unauthorized Use of a Cell Phone or Camera will be Treated as a Safety Violation .

All Guns are Treated as Loaded when Outside of a Case or Box- Including Magazines ! WE FULLY IMPLEMENT SAFETY Regulations 

**** ANY Violation of NRA Safety Rules-any Action on YOUR Part  such as Handling ANY GUN - Unloaded or Loaded UNLESS ON THE Firing Line and Under Direct Supervision of OUR Instructor  will Result in IMMEDIATE Dismissal and That person in Violation will be escorted OFF The Range.You will forfeit ANY Fees Paid. And YOU Forfeit your Certification Privileges from us for Life !


YOU will Succeed EASILY


Because YOU are Serious and have Demonstrated your "ATTITUDE" already.

A SERIOUS Shooter is PREPARED... and we mean YOU have already Purchased at least 100 Rds of 

FACTORY Quality Ammunition **

NO RELOADS will be Allowed for YOUR Safety and Others.

YOU already OWN the Gun you'll Carry, If NOT - That's fine  because WE have a Loaner for YOU at an additional $20.00..So BRING YOUR Gun, Borrow One for Qualification along with 100 Rds of Ammunition.

Told you there'd be Plenty of "Warm-Up"

MOST IMPORTANTLY : Familiarize Yourself with the Operation of your "Qualification Gun" and  that means the Loading-Unloading- and SAFETY Rules that You've been INSTRUCTED in. THERE WILL BE A TEST * 

ALSO : a Serious Shooter KNOWS the Importance of Eye and Ear Protection so PLEASE Bring YOUR Safety Glasses and any Proper EAR Protection...all available at Discount Stores like Walmart / and On line at Amazon-E Bay etc.

ALSO: Bring Your State approved ID - Your NRA Certificate ( IF ) You did the On-Line Classroom.


YOU're Officially QUALIFIED for CCW-CHL in 39 States in the United States of America !

CCW-CHL Course & Qualify ABC Defensive LLC SAFELY


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