Prior CCW *Are You REALLY Trained ?


CCW are You REALLY Trained ? In Cleveland or Anyplace 

Choose your Instructor as if Your LIFE Depends on it.

It DOES... and We Guarantee IF U Follow Our Methods You'll Protect Yourself and Loved Ones ... No Blah blah / TRUTH - Thank you for Watching. 

 See You Soon  !!!


VIDEO of REAL Life Exercise in Cleveland

ABC Defensive LLC in Cleveland and Surrounding OHIO

OHIO's #1 Experienced- Period ***

Beginners to ADVANCED- We Specialize in Women & have Trained MANY who were afraid and Un-confident. 

MEN & Women-NOW they are Happy- Proud- and Prepared . From Single Mothers -to Nurses to Former Law Enforcement and Military*

Pictured*** One of Our MOST Successful Students !

 ( True Photo )

CCW are You REALLY Trained ? In Cleveland or ANYPLACE

We Guarantee You'll Be TRULY Prepared