Church&Shopping Terror


CCW Church & Shopping Terror in Cleveland


Church & Shopping Terror

Soft Targets

Are YOU going to be the next Victim?

GOOD People with Guns

Unfortunately there is NO place in Todays Society that is SACRED.

YOUR Right to Safety -Worship-Shopping and very Rights to enjoy Life are at Risk

The ONLY certain way to protect your Family and Yourself is to EQUALIZE your Chances.

ARE YOU Really Prepared... ?

People are beginnning to Realize .... It CAN happen ANYPLACE.

The Old mentality of "It only happens someplace else".... has been Replaced with REALITY !

You OWN a Gun-and Even have a CCW


Statistics and  REALITY revealed..IF you aren't REALLY Trained PROPERLY

YOU are MORE at Risk.... from



YOU are a Good Person- You've done EVERYTHING Right in your Life. You even have a Large Insurance Policy to Cover Yourself and Family. 


You're  Loved and Liked by your Family and your Community...

YOU DESERVE an EQUAL Chance to Enjoy Your Community including your Church-Shopping Areas- and your RIGHT to LIFE...

GOOD People with Guns are still GOOD PEOPLE


READ Our 1st page of this site- and see some others of Interest...

Please>>> Don't allow the BAD People to ruin  what you've worked to hard for and Sadden your COMMUNITY and Loved ones by TAKING Your most Prized possession...


PLEASE allow us to PROPERLY Train YOU... 

before the next disaster and Killing of Innocent people while  Holiday Shopping ...Worshiping or just Enjoying a Day with your Friends and Family...

ABCDefensive LLC

CCW Church & Shopping Terror in Cleveland 

We're PROPERLY Trained to make you the SAFEST while Teaching you.

We've made 100% of OUR Students More Confident...and WE are very Conscientious about keeping YOU SAFE.

DON'T make the mistake of believing You're Trained  

EVEN Former Military-and Law Enforcement !!!

WE Guarantee-

You WILL LEARN from Us...Because WE've been involved in many Legal and personal Incidents....

You CAN NOT be Safe- Unless You've been Trained by those that have the same level of EXPERIENCE and Training ... Opportunities WE Provide...


CCW Church&Shopping Terror in Cleveland

You Buy Auto and Life Insurance for THOUSANDS of $$$$

We're offering you the ULTIMATE Life Insurance Policy....

Enjoy Your Holidays.... 

Hopefully You'll see US ... b4 the BAD People see YOU !

WE GUARANTEE... No matter what your Experience IS or WHO Trained You- even Military and Law enforcement- You WILL Learn and become "Quietly-Confident"

CCW Church&Shopping in Cleveland Safely with ABC Defensive LLC in Cleveland