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Concealed Carry CCW Ohio in Cleveland & Surrounding

 1.) Are ALL INSTRUCTORS equally "Prepared" to Train YOU in a REAL-LIFE Scenario ?

 2.) HOW can Someone Teach YOU what they haven't experienced Themselves ?

3. ) OUR ONLY PURPOSE is to Show YOU how to AVOID ... or SURVIVE an Attack

Ask Yourself Now .... AM I "TRULY" Prepared ?

99% of the People we ACTUALLY Talked to that had a CCW Could NOT tell us where to Hit an ATTACKER to INSTANTLY Incapacitate them !!!

REMEMBER : IF You took the "Easy-Way-Out" Classes JUST so you could CARRY a GUN


WHEN .... You're Involved in a Shooting Incident  


as Soon as You dial 9-1-1

PLUS: We give You Examples of What to Say or NOT Say...to Keep YOU Out of Trouble 

After All...WHY should YOU be Charged or Indicted for "Protecting" YOURSELF ?

TRUST Us... We've Been Involved in MANY Cases ( Over 500 ) and Several Shooting Incidents OURSELVES.



Your Gun Instructor may also be Called to Testify ?


NO ATTORNEY Wins Your Case ... YOU DO

It all Depends On the Facts , Circumstances & What You say !

You WILL Be Confident with Our Suggestions about things that have worked for US .... 

NO "Other" Instructors in the STATE of OHIO have been as involved LEGALLY as we have.

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When you use Our CONTACT us Button - or e mail at ABCDefensive@aol.com You'll receive all the necessary Links for the OHIO Attorney General's Office and all the Legal info for Most of the 39 States that WE can Issue you to "Concealed Carry in. 

WE WILL NOT- Share your information-Bombard you with Mail -or Solicit YOU.. 

**OUR Only purpose is to Provide YOU with the best chance of PREVENTING- or SURVIVING an attack...thru Our Training.

We Cannot give You LEGAL ADVICE .. That would be "Practicing LAW without a License BUT We give You all the Tools YOU Need to ACT ... by Letting OUR Students know the things that worked for us..

"SUCCESSFULLY" for Over 25 Yrs.


*YOU WILL ACT- Confidently AND Without Hesitation 

*YOU'LL KNOW You were Right...

Read Our Pages Again and Be CONFIDENT with OUR Knowledge

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CCW Laws Ohio


Concealed Carry CCW Ohio in  Cleveland 


COMPARE US .... There is NO Comparison !

YOU Owe it To YOURSELF...YOUR Loved Ones and REMEMBER... YOUR Actions May actually decide HOW The 2nd Amendment is Looked UPON ... TRUST in NRA Qualified Instructors and Most of all TRUST in US !

Ohio Concealed Carry - GUN Safety -CCW & Gun Carry Laws....

We make it EASY to UNDERSTAND... and that means you'll be Confidently Prepared. ANY further Questions ...please e mail us at  ABCDefensive@aol.com