CCW or No CCW we Train You

ACTUAL CCW Permit of OWNER & Chief Instructor

Beginners to ADVANCED and ADVANCED Tactical Training is done with OWNER in LIMITED Class Size

COST ??? - Is your Life worth 65.00 for CCW Certification ?


QUESTIONS for Serious People are answered when you use CONTACT Button on Main Page

COST Ranges from 65.00 to 135.00 for Beginner and ADVANCED.


WE CAN Provode a GUN* AMMO* and have a Flexible schedule

YOU Can be TRAINED for ANY Situation with Us ! HOW Do we Know?

The OWNER has Survived over 150 Firearm related Encounters and MANY Physical Encounters in a BIG City Environment ! You'll LEARN as much as You Want and be COMPETENT in the Advanced Training. ( It's a low Impact Course-BUT it's ONLY Between Us and YOU as to what YOU Know !

Ohio CCW & Gun Control Laws

Gun Control Ohio Laws * Train & Certify at age 18 & NRA Certificate is good for your CCW at age 21 - YES You have 3 Years to Apply for CCW with NRA Certificate

Ohio CCW & Gun Control Laws

ABC Defensive LLC


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


By Appointment


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


By Appointment


By Appointment

Ohio CCW Laws EASY in Cleveland and SurroundingCompliance 2923.125 G 3&4

Get Certified at 18 NOW & get CCW at age 21

YES YOU CAN be Certified NOW and Get your CCW at Age 21

Parents * Want YOUR Son or Daughter PROPERLY Trained ?

Take Our Classes WITH Them !

NRA Certification with Us at age 18 & Certificate is good for your CCW Permit at age 21

Go to Contact ( ABOVE) and We Can LEGALLY Train and Certify You at age 18 Legal b4 OHIO GUN CONTROL LAWS Change. Ohio CCW Laws EASY in Cleveland

Get NRA Certified at age 18 & CCW at 21 in Cleveland and Surrounding areas

Legal Compliance with oh law

* Beginners / Men & Women

We Specialize in Women- Beginners and Even CURRENT CCW Holders...

WHY ? Because we Train You RIGHT ! and Legally * At Age 18 a Parent or Guardian MUST Sign a Release to have you Trained.