Pistol & Rifle Advanced in Cleveland

NOW *Learn your AR 15-or ANY Rifle or Pistol


Be Competent AND Confident

With Your AR-15 / AK 47/ Hunting and Sports Rifles


Pistol & Handgun Beginner to Advanced

Carry Concealed or Just Home defense

You have a Handgun or just Want to Learn ?

Let US take you from Beginner to Advanced Tactical Confidence NOW Pistol & Rifle Advanced in Cleveland & Surrounding

* Beginners to Advanced ANY Pistol or Rifle in Cleveland - Ashland- & Surrounding Ohio

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Good People with Guns are STILL Good People

Women & Beginners to ADVANCED

We've had YEARS of Proven "Real Street" Experience / You now have a CCW permit -BUT who Trained You ?

* What do you actually Know?

* Can you be 100% CONFIDENT or do you just "Feel" safe because You have a Gun and 1 Box of Ammo?

* Learn the REAL Tricks of the Trade from ammo & Gun Selection to Protecting YOURSELF & Family Inside your Home -OR- ANY Place

2 Hr. Rifle Training GUARANTEED to Improve you 50-1000%


You have a Rifle for Hunting - You MAY use once a Year or you want to become an EXPERT Marksman

WE Have over 30 Years of Practical Application EXPERIENCE ... WE'll take you as far as you like- One Hour Instruction and 1 Hr of Shooting for ONLY 75.00 on YOUR Rifle or RENT Our AR 15's / 30-06- Or 22LR for additional Cost depending on Ammo and GUN.

ADVANCED Tactical Pistol & Self Defense w/o Yelling or Wanna-be Instruction


CHOOSE your Instructor as if YOUR Life DEPENDS on it

We've Proven OUR Techniques and you'll Learn things that the MAJORITY of Instructors ...DON'T Teach ( Because they Don't Know either )

IF You were having Brain Surgery- Would you want an EXPERIENCED Proven Doctor ?


YOU now have a CCW or "Grandpa" or Daddy or that Family "Expert" is attempting to Show you how to shoot.

WE ALWAYS ask: How many actual Shootings have you been Involved in ?

*Where can I HIT Someone to Instantly STOP an attacker?

We ALWAYS hear the Same answers and THEY'RE DEAD Wrong !

LEARN from Someone who has BEEN There and SURVIVED over 150 Gun Encounters with Pistols Rifles and Shotguns AND  Countless Physical Confrontations * PLUS the Legalities*

THAT PHOTO is YOUR Instructor's actual CCW Permit and OWNER / Chief Instructor *** The rest is Up to YOU...