$75.00 CCW-CHL

$75.00 CCW-CHL NRA Certification in Cleveland and Surrounding Areas

$75.00 CCW-CHL 

NRA  RANGE Certification in Cleveland and many Counties  for those who have PASSED The NRA ON Line EXAM

Place a VALUE on Your Life

99% of the People We ACTUALLY Talked to who Already had a CCW- COULD NOT Tell us Where to Hit an ATTACKER to Instantly Incapacitate them !


 Just e mail Us and let us know. We'll work WITH You- and please don't be embarrassed to ask :)

e mail at ABCDefensive@aol.com  you'll be directed to  Links that will help You  CCW & NRA Certification in Cleveland and Surrounding Areas

CHL Classes ( Concealed Handgun License ) same as CCW

 * Beginner Pricing available :::CW-CHL  NRA Certification  in  Cleveland and WE ARE  NOW Available at The VALLEY VIEW Range  Asland Ohio's Premiere OUTDOOR RANGE ! 

You MUST Have 6 hrs Classroom per OHIO Law and 2 hrs RANGE-TIME... 

All the NRA Classroom Links You need are On Our Response e mail when You Contact US 

 e- mail

at  ABCDefensive@aol.com


EVEN if You have a Current CCW - CHL...PLACE a VALUE on Your LIFE and Freedom

Not Only the 2nd Amendment  Freedom BUT The Freedom You LOSE 

IF You do the WRONG Things

Our GUN RETENTION Class is for YOU ! - We KNOW Plan A goes Out the Window when it gets REAL..

We're EXPERTS at Gun Retention having been involved in Incidents where we were attacked by multiple Attackers and WE Came out On TOP !

It's NOT About strength !


You Do NOT have to be an NRA Member to Train & Qualify with US -OR- to take the 6Hr On-Line Class Offered  

WE have the MOST Advanced NRA 2017 Training and Newest Certification and WE in fact are 

NRA CERTIFIED # 204625608

NRA ON LINE Official Class **Class in the Comfort of YOUR Home and at YOUR Own Pace ... and IF You DO wish to Join the NRA -Just HIT the PINK Button on Our Home Page OR The NRA Logo Button on This page and it will take you to OUR Home Page

JOIN the NRA with Us and it's an Easy ONE-Stop Complete Package and REDUCED Prices by up to $40.00 -PLUS FREE 7500.00 Gun & Life Insurance

OUR BEGINNERS Classes PRICING Per Session @ $45.00 + 20.00 Range Fees per 1 hr. Session and will apply Towards  your CCW Qualification  TOTAL Cost.

IF You decide to Get a Concealed Carry License

and We NEVER Put a True BEGINNER in a Class larger than 2 persons  for YOUR Safety and OURS ! That amount also applies to YOUR CCW Certification if you Continue 


email US  ABCDefensive@aol.com


TOTAL Beginners Fee COMPLETE with Loaner Gun / Ammo and  NRA CCW CERTIFICATION *** 135.00 

You'll use OUR "Proper" Gun for the Proper Purpose...unless you Prefer Your OWN.

Don't WORRY .. If You've never even "Touched" a Gun Before  WE'LL Get YOU Properly Qualified 


You Must Complete the NRA On Line Learning Portion & we then Re-enforce That with Hands On !

Get the NRA Link at ABCDefensive@aol.com

NO Other Instructors in OHIO possess the REAL LIFE Experiences we can Teach You

In ONLY 3 hrs of RANGE & Q&A

we EXCEED The Standards and Will NOT send you out there Un- Prepared REMEMBER THIS

Place a Value on YOUR Life and FREEDOM

Not just 2nd Amendment FREEDOM... BUT the Cost you'll pay IF You Say or DO the Wrong things that MANY Current Instructors Teach...in The CHEAPER "Quick-Fix" Classes

They Mean well... BUT just have Not had the amount of EXPERIENCE WE Have.... So ASK YOURSELF


THEN.... Go to  Our 


OR ABCDefensive@aol.com

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Be SAFER and MORE Responsible with US !